In the Beginning...


Once upon a time there was a piano player named Scot. His life was meaningless until the old man with the blues guitar called Scot to accompany him on a venture in the far east. For several years Scot played music with his mystic guide and soon became a mystic guide himself. He summoned a bass player named Andrew to make the pilgrimage to the far east to play music, together. After the wells of knowledge ran murky with overuse, Scot and Andrew came back to Seattle where they met three disciples.

Travis, Thomas, and Mark.

Weeks of fasting in the desert provided no sure sign of where to search on their mystic journey. Then, upon the falling of a scorpion's tale, an ancient map provided the key. Area 52. On the horizon they could see their destiny. The groove of funk, the proficiency of be-bop, and the excitement of Latin. Emaciated, they crawled in agony from the desert enlightened with their new purpose. The vision must be shared with the people. And so we began.

Copyright 1996 Maitepxo Music