The Template

Revised August 8, 1996

When creating a new character, or when updating a character sheet, please be sure that you're using the most current version of the character template. (You can tell by the "Revised" date at the top of the template; if it doesn't have a "Revised" date, it's old.)

Characters written using old character templates will be rejected.

Please make sure to save your character sheet as a plain text file, not as a Word document or other weird file format. Please make sure to put a carriage return at the end of every line, and to start each line with a space; this makes sure that your character sheet is readable. Unreadable character sheets are generally rejected. :-)

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT edit the numbers in any way by the subject headings. For example, the #1 next to Basic Information. These numbers are important for the automatic character template viewing program the referees and players use. If you alter these headings, other players may be able to view private information about your character.

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