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Gateway to Reality is a Fantasy RPG Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) that can be accessed by calling (206) 547-2331.

Gateway to Reality is a door to a city and the surrounding environs in the world of Tyrinth. A world where technology never made it past the bronze age. The cause of this may be the effects of natural and unnatural magics which have relished through the ages. Magic and technology do not mix on Tyrinth, it seems.

The city is called Edgekeep. Edgekeep is a frontier city and is therefore on the edge of "known" civilization. It is this city that people travel to who are tired of normal everyday drudgery... they feel the call of adventure and the pull of danger. Adventure and Danger are two things that are not scarce on Tyrinth. If you can't find it in the city of Edgekeep, a quest can take you to the extremes of your imagination in search of treasures beyond belief, battles that pit you against demons and underworld hordes, and adventures in lands unknown.

I thank you for your interest in finding out what Gateway to Reality is all about. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about Gateway or life in general:

Welcome to the Gateway to Reality and the world of Tyrinth homepage.

This is where reality begins...

-- Referee

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