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Surreality. Do musicians take into account the aspect of sound that is not absorbed by the current reality and escapes to alternate or parallel realities and universes?

How can the present setting absorb all of what music is. In our universe, the cup is only so big and music makes it run over. People sometimes feel as if they are travelling through the dimensions when listening to music. This may be closer to the truth than they have ever imagined.

Music. A conveyor through reality into surreality.

There is no other entity or action in this world that can do such a thing, except perhaps certain religious practices. And music is better. You can move together.

One might think of the Florentine maneuver when deciding on the factors of luminous waves verses the path between two distinct rice paddies. On the vertice of four rice paddies you listen to the waves of Korsakoff and the luminosity carries the preset consciousness over the boundary into an alternate reality where the vertice may not be the rice, but instead the four corners of a transparent slide. Hanging from the ceiling are the eyes which may be nothing but the soft velvet of a dragon fly's tongue.

Understanding the boundaries can take more than just trying. Involvement with the powers tugging around the wells, the tendrils of awareness wrapped like a vine around a line of music and sound. All music is sound, all sound is not music. But all sound can be followed as it searches finding everywhere the cracks and holes into the next reality. Following the scent of the dragon fly's tongue is not as difficult as finding the next reality because music has no scent.

Only lift your senses to the level of being where why when it doesn't matter whether one and one makes two or eleven, and then you can follow the tendril of awareness as it flows about the boundaries and then escapes, inevitable, like water through a small crack in a shard of Atlantean pottery, following you can only find what you search if your eyes can not see what is most obvious. If only the tones would move and create the Joan's Bones effect, then we all could see it. And find it. The seeds that sleep on the underside of a fern leaf can feel the funnels of reality that slowly slip into alternate universes. Like miniature bathtub drains, luminosity is a state of mind which requires only visions created by sound mimicking music.

Asking a scissor why the ribbon was cut is like asking the rice paddie for a sparkling green wave.

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