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Please go to Chico's Paradise for current information on the band. Area 52 is an old project that has been put on the side for now. While the band was performing, however, we won a top spot in a contest with over 700 unsigned bands and had a tune put on a CD by Discmakers.


Global Vision Music is an exciting and contemporary mix of funk, be-bop, and Latin grooves. Perfect for festivals, concerts, tours, and rooms with stages, the music is fun to listen to even for those people who say they don't like jazz. The reason for this is simple: we play the music because we have FUN doing it. And fun is contagious to even the most serene and peaceful at heart.

Global Vision Music is the force behind "Area 52" and it's permutations in Seattle, where we are known as "Area 52" or "Scot Ranney and Friends", and overseas venues where we are booked as "Global Vision".

The band can morph into just about any instrumental composition an occasion could call for. Solo piano, piano/bass, piano/sax, classic jazz trio and quartet, duo with conga player, and more. All these different arrangements have been tried and tested in professional situations, and they all work.

In whatever instrumental permutation this group plays in, it's always perfect for the occasion. Music creates an atmosphere where there isn't one, and enhances an atmosphere already in place. Clubs, parties, wedding receptions, dances to the old standards, and including but not limited to grooving out all night long on funky 70's jazz rave music are a few of the situations where the group excels.

We want to play for you. And all your friends, too.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please contact Scot Ranney


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