Those Who Went Before

Ne'Kamirak June 1995 Foolishly entered the swamp alone
Artemis Entreri June 1995 Dueling Pit, killed by Ne'Kamirak
Xorcedan el' Xendar March 1995 Attack on Relics of Antiquity
Iax Nov 1994 Found dead near the Dockhouse
Kerina Oct 1994 Curious accident with sword
Beleshar Oct 1994 Slain by beast in the Eastern Forest
Kurgoth July 1994 During robbery. Killed by Narciterus
Pheonix July 1994 Dueling pit, Killed by Grushnag
Lance Valeriun March 1993 River Quest, Death by NLI
Deicros April 1992 Spire Quest, Killed by Companions
Forgotten Black Robe April 1992 Eastern Forest (Spire Quest)
Uviel Sitar April 1991 Deserted Ruins
Azhra February 1991 Duelling Pit, Killed by Croaker
Elzarad November 1990 Undisclosed
Infinity the Mage November 1990 Swamp Quest
u S n November 1990 Swamp Quest
Wivrel November 1990 Swamp Quest
Garath Narlhammer November 1990 Swamp Quest
Kavvmira Stonn August 1990 Innsbruck Assassination Attempt
Garinel August 1990 Dueling Pit, killed by Elzarad
Timbar Tarhoist 1990 Suspected Assassination?
Twysted Scrypture 1990 Quest
Sushi Yamoto 1990 Quest
Vladimir Demoneye 1988
Sledge S Hammerhand November 1989 Deserted Ruins
Michel November 1989 fire at shop
Snuffy November 1989 fire at shop
Ancathallion October 1989 grisly quest death
Valkyrie Steelfate October 1989 grisly quest death
Kycarda June 1989 Quest
Tryptych Anavar 1989 battle
Biff Deagan 1989 dueling pit
Murmandamus 1989 natural causes
Vladimir Demoneye 1988
Lady Femjudia 1988 grisly quest death
Jeti Kandrah 1988 natural causes
Abenth Drismald 1988 natural causes
T'Zan T'Haliak April 1988 Dragon Queen assasination attempt
Madame Zanzibar April 1988 arson
Eclavdro 1988 Quest
Loray Valefar 1988 Troll Quest
Gaede April 1988 natural causes
Tasselholff 1988 assassination
Shadow Jack 1988 killed by Lanoi
Celeage 1988 ???
Anywan Thurifor 1988 Battle of Dark Shrine
Berujomii 1988 Battle of Dark Shrine
Katirin 1988 Battle of Dark Shrine
Hornmaster Smith 1988 Battle of Dark Shrine

Newly engraved on the back is:

"Never be sure that a being is dead
until you have seen their body. And
even then, you can make a mistake."

-Bene Gesserit

The tale is lost in legend...
However, historians are currently searching through the archives in order to reclaim the facts and deeds of this person.
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Natural Causes
Peacefully, this hero traveled the misty path when it was the time fate had chosen. A death not at all messy or painful.

Artemis Entreri
Ahhh... With cat-like grace Artemis springs through the air at Ne'Kamirak while drawing the sabre at his belt. As he reaches Ne'Kamirak his sabre is nearly entered into the mage's chest, and there is an explosion of lightening. The sabre that enters Ne'Kamirack's chest and protrudes through the ribs in back, is held by a blackened husk that once was Artemis, now quite dead and charred to boot. Ne'Kamirak also falls, mortaly wounded, and soon dies in a spreading pool of blood.

Ne'Kamirac went into the swamp. His last actions in order to free himself involved casting a giant lightening spell at point blank range. This is what he saw before going the silent path.

The lightining creates a tremendous explosion around you and completely knocks you off your feet into the mud off to the side. You can't hear anything except for a huge ringing in your ears, and you can't feel anything at all because the force of the blast and numbed your entire body.

As you begin to move and try to rise, you findyourself sinking into the mud, a mud that is very quick to take what falls into it, and after only a moment most of your body is covered. You can only imagine this, of course, since you can't feel anything or even move for that matter.

In a few minutes, a few seconds, or an hour (time certainly doesn't mean anything right now), you realize you are trying to breathe, not air but mud and slimy tendrils of vegetation. As the carrion dwellers of the forest realize where you are, you feel slight pressures on your body where they must be already hard at work burrowing in to feast.

Your last memories before merciful oblivion is that you wish the larger of them wouldn't try to get into your mouth, because it makes it even more difficult to breathe... but that's a moot point since you were trying to breathe mud. You hear a very very high pitched ringing in your ears, slowly growing to a roar, and you can only think that if the mud were thinner it might have held some air for your lungs, but as it stands it's just too thick.

You have lost concsiousness and soon after died and fed multitudes of creatures residing in the mud.

Xorcedan el' Xendar
Attempting to do something very bad at the Relics of Antiquity, owned by Lanoi d'Log Fotraeh, Xorcedan was foiled by the magical precautions placed on the Relics of Antiquity. Xorcedan was invisble and wanted to send a swarm of nasty bugs into the chimney, and into the chimney they went. A moment later, a green explosion from the chimney sent a great blob of gooey stuff that landed on Xorcedan and completely covered him from head to toe, pushing him to the ground and covering him up. After a short time he suffocated and was given to the Twisted Dagger Inn as a present.

Not Logging In
The very very worst way to die in Tyrinth. The dreaded "not logging in" method of becoming not living. This person did not call while on a quest and so turned into fodder.

Ah, the ring of steel, the crunch of bones. The duelling pit is all of this and more. Only one may leave the pit alive... Azhra challenged Croaker to a duel and the idea of course was for Azhra to kill Croaker. The thin mage against the captain of the guard. Croaker was not just big, Croaker filled a room when he stepped inside. Croaker could roll an orc into a little ball and then get a strike. Croaker did not even feel Azhra's magic and proceeded to twist Azhra's head until it nearly came off. "Croaker feel pretty good now." he was heard to have said when it was all over.

Sledge S. Hammerhand
The deserted ruins were never a place to go alone. A few peasants standing on south gate road hear a thump thump thump sound and turn just in time to see the head of Sledge S. Hammerhand roll out of the grey stillness of the ruins into the dusty street where they stand.

Michael and Snuffy
A fire in the fleet feet messenger service sends our two adventurers to their fiery death. It was in the night and they were working late, and suddenly there was an explosion and the destruction of the building was quite complete and deadly.

Tryptych Anavar
Dragon Queen continues her assault; now, she causes a shimmering sword to wink into existence, which disappears into the flames. Another cry of pain and a few more fireballs show that it, too, reached its goal. Tryptych Anavar produces a scroll, and reads it in the direction of the beach; but when he finishes, there is no visible sign of any effect. "Damn, that didn't stop it!" he shouts, beginning another spell. Abruptly, there is a blinding flash of light and a resounding thunderclap; the barely- recognizable remains of Tryptych litter the ground halfway between where he had appeared to be standing before and Dragon Queen's position, and Dragon Queen herself, staring coldly at the remains, says, "No, it didn't seem to, did it?"

T'Zan T'Haliak
He was turned into a turnip when Dragon Queen realized he had visions of assasination. The process of turnipping is one which people opt not to speak of for it is something from which nightmares are seeded.

Madame Zanzibar
The evening twilight dims shadows and lines, making the perfect time for skulkers and lurkers. On the street corner of Stirge and Hell, the brothel Madame Zanzibar's stands, laughter behind the red paned glass, a door welcoming all who would visit. A shadow flits from one corner to the next of the building and finalle retreats. A few moments later the building bursts into flames and amid the screams of terror an agony you hear an evil laughter. When the rescuers sift through the ash, they find but charred remains and nothing that could identify those who were inside. Madame Zanzibar has not been seen since, so it is assumed she perished in the blaze.

Shadow Jack
[Text composed from interviews of the bystanders]
Shadow Jack had turned invisible in order to kill someone outside the Relics of Antiquity shop in Edgekeep. Right before Shadow Jack was about to do in the poor soul, Lanoi d'Log Fotraeh stepped out of his shop and impaled the invisible Shadow Jack with an arrow.

Anywan Thurifor
Suddenly there is a scream of an eagle from high in the air, and a few moments later there is a thud and a large splotch of blood on the shrine roof. The blood drips down like spilled paint, and the strength of the horror emenating from the shrine increases. On the roof of the shrine a crumpled body fades into view. The body of the eagle rider, Anywan Thurifor. From The Battle of the Dark Shrine

The sword drinks the bolt like a sponge, and in a swift arc, Lanoi cuts through the neck of Berujomii's glowing form. A scream as if a thousand souls and spirits sounds as the sword makes contact. Berujomii's scream is nearly as loud, but is only for a moment. As the form of Berujomii falls, it slowly fades from view, but the green spiral continues to grow in volume and strength, and a loud humming is heard.
From The Battle of the Dark Shrine

Katirin, the elven woman found in the deserted ruins, battles valiantly with a blade glowing blue. Next to her a couple guardsmen also battle, seemingly heartened by the elf. Suddenly her blade glows a harsh blue, as if in warning, but to no avail. Her body suddenly liquifies and explodes in a rain of liquified elf. Her sword drops to the ground, a dull gray color. It seems that there is nothing left of Katirin save a few shreds of leather clothing.
From The Battle of the Dark Shrine

Hornmaster Smith
Hornmaster Smith emerges from the tight group of fighters with a horn in his hand. His eyes glow gleefully as he runs towards the shrine. Kendrick yells something to him, but it is lost in the din of the battle. As he nears the shrine he blows a copper horn with many loops, and a from the sky bolts of lightening begin striking the shrine area. He puts another horn to his mouth and begins to blow it, and as he does so a green ball from the shrine envelopes him and his horns explode into very small bits. Unfortunately for Smith, the horns were very close to his body, so along with the horns, much of his body was obliterated. He falls to the ground in a bloody pile of fat and entrails.
From The Battle of the Dark Shrine