This is simple list of the writers guild stories. They aren't great, but they can give you some background on the world of Tyrinth and the City of Edgekeep.

There is a lot more stuff. Descriptions of characters, descriptions of locations, captures of quests, etc, but they are not easily linked up to web pages so quickly, so I will need some time to take care of that.

All of these writings are copyright © by Scot Ranney

Magic in General (these are all by Phaedrus)
Funcamental Precepts of Magic
Mana and You

The Writers Guild

Cemetery Battle
Old info (needs revision) on the demon god, Chaelon
A battle concerning Chaelon and the heroes of Edgkeeep (long)
Duelling Pit
The Astounding Adventures of Ebyndark Nightblade
Battle of Berujomii
Valley Elf Song
Kerrich Mercer
Another Lanoi
Phaedrus and Raincrow
Phaedrus and Raincrow 2
Phaedrus and Raincrow 3
Another Phaedrus and Raincrow
The Nasty Priests
Raoul Thantious
Rated R
The Rift Quest
RPG Speak
Some Scuffles
Shard 1
Shard 2
The Trolls Story!!
Twysted Scrypture
A Duel
Edgekeep Battle
Lanoi Adventure